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Daniel Lyddon

A return to the essay archive for International Holocaust Memorial Day.

Photo by Erica Magugliani on Unsplash

How a single job interview changed me as a writer

IMG: Gustavo Frazao on Getty Images / Canva Pro

Two men meet after years apart, only for their connection to come to an abrupt end.

“Votive” by LunaSeaArt on Pixabay

How I learned to stop worrying about subsistence, and focus on growth.

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Photo by Tanner Mardis on Unsplash

Memories of the Greek Island of Kefalonia

Photo by Evan Verni on Unsplash

Daniel Lyddon

Writer-producer and co-founder of UK indie film production company Seraphim Pictures. Welshman scratching the Hollywood itch since 2005.

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